”We want to show you the hidden gems of Scandinavia in small groups. A great experience for you and a sustainable tour for the nature and the animals of our home” – Linda, Co-founder of Explore Wild Scandinavia

This is us
Linda Svedberg and Sofie Werner are the founder of Explore Wild Scandinavia. Together we want to share our love for the mountains with you. Explore Wild Scandinavia is a company where sustainability is our guiding principle, social, ecological and economically.
We like to share the best of this area with you. Great local food from the mountains and forests around us, can we tempt you with arctic char, reindeer, moose, crowberry, local cheese and typical drinks? We use traditional ways of take care of the food, smoking, raw pickled, slow cooking, drying for example.

Co-founder and local guide Linda

Linda is founder and owner of Explore Wild Scandinavia together with Sofie. She grew up on a fram located a small step from the mountains, and has always had a passion for wildlife. Hiking, fishing, skiing and scout for wild animals has always been her favourite. She is part of the Swedish Mountain Rescue, were her job is to help people who have injured themselves, gone stray or have other difficulties in the mountains, regardless of the wheater. Linda love meeting and spending time with people and will take care of you during your stay with us. She knows the area as her own pocket.

Co-founder and local guide Sofie Werner

Sofie loves the sunrises, the smell of cracking fire and chocolate. We guarantee she will serve you a cup of coffee you never will forget. She was three months when she first lay eyes on these lovely mountains. With passion for food, our nature and mountains Sofie will learn you more about the Sámi cultural, edible plants and tell you stories by the fire. She’s always ready with a smile. Educated Mountain leader (Fjälledare) and certified Wilderness First Aid.